Personal Insurance

Whether you want flexibility, transparency, dependability – you can rely on allsure to meet your needs with its comprehensive, all in one protection.

What is allsure?

allsure is personal insurance that caters for unexpected events and which can be customised to meet your individual requirements. allsure offers you the convenience of covering just about all of your assets with one comprehensive policy.

allsure not only provides you with the security you expect from an insurance policy, but also with exceptional value for money.

What does allsure cover?

Our range of cover options includes:

Cover for your home:

  • Houseowners cover to protect the physical structure of your home.
  • Household goods insurance for the contents of your home.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown cover to pay for repairs to household appliances.

Cover your possessions:

  • Cover for your motor vehicle, motor cycle, caravan and trailer.
  • Watercraft insurance for your boat, jet-ski or inflatable craft.
  • All Risks cover for valuable items you usually wear or carry while away from home, as well as cover for specified items.
  • Personal Computer insurance for your laptop, tablet, desktop or notebook.

Personal Cover:

  • Personal Liability and Extended Personal Liability cover to protect you against claims made by others against you.
  • Personal Accident cover against accidental death and permanent or temporary disablement.
  • Legal Cost cover if you need to bring legal action against someone, or defend yourself.
  • Bereavement expenses to assist you following a death in the family.
  • Hospital Cash Plan with a daily cash benefit for every day you spend in hospital.
  • Premium Waiver for Retrenchment and Redundancy will pay your policy for up to six months in the event you lose your job.
  • Identity Theft cover pays for expenses arising from unlawful use of your identity.
  • Home Employers’ Labour Dispute Insurance to cover costs arising from actual or alleged unfair domestic labour practice.

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